Healthways Australia
What we do
Healthways provide personalised programs for individuals, workplaces and communities. We tailor our programs to meet the needs of our customers and their communities. There is no single way to help people stay healthy, prevent lifestyle diseases or care for those already affected by a chronic condition so the solutions offered by Healthways are as varied as the cases. Healthways adopts a personally-driven approach to the development and provision of our health programs. To leverage the strength of the individual in realising real behaviour change, our programs are not only customised from the outset but are responsive to changing health needs over time.

The Healthways tailored approach works to improve wellbeing and reduce healthcare costs. Whether your goal is to prevent hospitalisation, provide added value or increase business productivity, we identify, discuss and take steps to ensure the best possible care for your patients, members or employees under a fully-customised program.

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