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The unique collection of healthcare programs offered by Healthways Australia has been created for a variety of platforms. They all work together as well as independently to provide our clients with a well-rounded support system to achieve their health and wellbeing goals.
Palliative Care
Healthways palliative care program offers a holistic approach to end of life care. We recognise the complex needs end of life patients may have and the importance of supporting the patient, carer and family members during this time.

Utilisation of medical services and claims costs can be high at end of life. Healthways palliative care program can reduce unnecessary hospital admissions, improve medication and appointment adherence, support the patients primary care plans and help improve overall patient care, whilst also supporting carers and families to reduce stress.

Our palliative care product offers holistic care rather than condition specific care. It involves one-to-one support by our team of registered clinicians to support patients through their journey. The focus of the calls is to help:
  • Patients understand and maximise pain management
  • Education around their condition(s) and stage of life
  • Support of the primary care plan
  • Connection and awareness of community support services
  • Provide overall support and advice for the patient and carer as required.
As part of the palliative care services we can also provide care coordination. This program can be used with other programs as required.