Healthways Australia
Our Programs
The unique collection of healthcare programs offered by Healthways Australia has been created for a variety of platforms. They all work together as well as independently to provide our clients with a well-rounded support system to achieve their health and wellbeing goals.
    Healthways are now able to offer a comprehensive telemonitoring service. The Telemonitoring service provides support to patients with the following resources:
  • Regular remote monitoring of the participant by registered nurses to encourage behaviour and lifestyle changes that are designed to reduce the complications of conditions and inculcate better self-management
  • On-line resources including customised educational material and health trackers to encourage self-monitoring
  • Support and coordination with the patients existing care plan
We currently offer the following biometric monitoring tools:
  • a blood pressure measurement tool,
  • a glucometer,
  • an electronic weight scale and
  • an oximeter.
The results from these instruments feed directly into our coaching programmes and are available immediately for our registered nurses. All education and on-demand information is provided by registered nurses who have extensive and ongoing education in chronic disease and behaviour change techniques. The nurses do not diagnose or prescribe treatment and always refer participants to their GP for concerns regarding their treatment and their medical condition.

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