Healthways Australia
Who we are
Healthways International was established in Australia with one goal – to create a healthier nation, one person at a time. With over 30 years experience and an international customer-base of 40 million individuals and 1,200 companies, we are committed to improving wellbeing on a national as well as a global scale.

We are working toward this by developing and providing personalised programs for individuals, workplaces and communities. Our services are delivered by locally-registered health professionals and supported by a clinician-led local management team. The programs are designed to help Australians gain control over their health and wellbeing. This will not only improve the physical and mental health of the individual but also guide them toward a more fulfilled life as we pioneer a shift from corrective to preventative healthcare in Australia.

We provide health improvement programs with measurable outcomes to customers across Australia, including private health insurers, public health and not-for-profit organisations and private businesses.